Reeling in the Years

For those of you who have read Harry’s illuminating and forthright articles over the years, you will not be disappointed with this wonderful book. As well as charting a fishing career that began in 1952, Harry also waxes lyrically, probingly and caustically on the rise of the carp angler over that time, and the good and bad that he feels has come from that.

It’s not all carp, though – far from it – and Harry takes us back to the glory days of rivers like the Avon, the Stour and the Sussex Ouse in his pursuit of specimen barbel, chub and roach. He also just happened to hold the Ardingly pike record when that reservoir opened its gates to pike anglers in the mid-eighties – but that didn’t end well, as you’ll read.

But carp angling is Harry’s first love, and he’s very good at it! So much so that he can only allude to his recent, remarkable captures over the past decade from a very secret and strictly non-publicity water. That said, he has caught enough wonderful carp to grace the pages twice over, and throughout the book relates the thrills and heartaches that their pursuit can bring.

The book will be 384 pages, with over 350 photos and drawings (all by Harry) and will be available from the end of November.
Author Harry Haskell Cover Hard Back
Publisher Freebird Publishing ISBN 978-0-9572312-4-5
Pages 384
P+P UK - £3.00 Europe - £13.45 RoW - £22.60
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Friday 3rd January 2014  
Finally collected Harry's book while I was in the UK. Absolute page turner (he's only 8 years older than me so his early Sussex memories made me nod and smile). What a book!!!!! Tim Marshall