New Moon Rising

This second of three books sees Pete reach highs he could have only dreamt of, and lows that are anyone’s worse nightmares.

From the capture of a record-shaking Wraysbury carp, to the loss of a river monster that still leaves him shaking; from the birth of his first child, Kat, to the death of his Mum and Dad, these highs and lows don’t just involve his fishing, but have an equal impact in all facets of his life – as they do for all of us.

This book details Pete’s journey from wild, uncharted inland seas, to wild, untamed British rivers, and the many lessons you need to learn if you want to become, not only a highly respected carp angler, but a hugely successful specimen hunter. Massive bream and tench from large, windswept lakes are greeted with as much joy as specimen-sized roach and barbel from winding, Sussex rivers.

But through it all, carp are the pinnacle for Pete, and he reaches that pinnacle in both size and quality on numerous occasions.

In more ways than one, the journey that Pete takes us on is strewn with pitfalls and boulders, and the eventual destination is tantalisingly out of sight, but have no doubt, this is a journey we all need to take if we want to reach one of those pinnacles.

Pete, as ever, is still pioneering.
Author Pete Springate Cover Hard Back
Publisher Freebird Publishing ISBN 978-0-9572312-5-2
Pages 384
P+P UK - £3.00 Europe - £13.45 RoW - £22.60
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Sunday 6th April 2014  
Stunning, the first of Sir Pete's book was awesome this second book was purely fantastic!