An Illusion of Maya
A huge, old carp uncaught and unseen for decades. But now Jay and Carl had seen it, was the strength of their friendship about to be tested to its limit?

Jack's wisdom was old, centuries old, and he knew that Jay was so close to enlightenment; was he able to find the final piece to the puzzle?

And then there was Maya; did she hold the key to all of this, or was it just an Illusion?

It's time to be enlightened....

An Illusion of Maya, by Phil Escott, is a carp fishing novel, but not just any carp fishing novel. It’s a carp fishing novel for grown-ups. It’s a carp fishing novel for people who realise that there is so much more to going fishing than just catching fish; who realise that there is so much more to life than just living.

Yes there are fish, huge fish. There is elation and heartache; there is humour and sadness; there is love and hate, but there is much, much more, and Phil’s wonderful use of the English language portrays all of these emotions as delightfully as an accomplished artist wields his paint brush. 

This is, of necessity, a very adult-themed book, and the language and interaction mirror that and we make no apologies for that. As we’ve said, this is a carp fishing novel for grown-ups and, without doubt, the first one of its kind, so don’t expect page after page of fishing clichés. Open your mind.

Believe me, you will be enlightened.

'Maya' has been produced in soft back with beautiful cover artwork by talented Jordanian artist Natasha Dahdaleh.The book is A5, has 192 pages and comes with a wipeable cover, so that if you have to put it down when playing a fish it won't get dirty!!
The price is £15 and only 500 copies were printed. A limited number of 50 Hard Back Numbered Editions were also produced for the collector, with a special cover artwork also provided by Natasha and with a slip case. Please give us a call if you are interested as there are now only 2 available.
Author Phil Escott Cover Paperback
Publisher Freebird Publishing ISBN 978-0-9562497-9-1
Pages 192
P+P UK - £1.60 Europe - £6.95 RoW - £14.95
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Monday 9th December 2013  
Once in a while you will be told to read a book by someone who can't praise it enough - well that is what happened to me and fortunate for me I managed to get a copy of that book and I have to say that An Illusion of Maya is such a perfect read it has to be in the top 10 if not the top 5 angling books of all time. How Phil has managed to catch the spirit of angling with a storyline that takes you on a journey that you feel you have taken yourself. If you haven't got a copy then get one quick before they are all bought and you are paying silly prices on ebay.
Tuesday 30th July 2013  
Most of you won't have heard of Phil. He is the unlucky sod who has the task of proofreading our newsletters. This novel is not just about carp fishing, although the gist of the story is around a mythical carp. It also follows the main character's journey to find himself in India. When Phil presented me with my signed copy, I was worried in case the book was crap. How the hell would I tell my friend and proofreader his book was a pile of poo? I actually left this book until last. Like they say, you should always save the best till last and this book is very well written, and you will not want to put it down. Thanks, Phil, I had no sleep until the book was finished. The storyline is brilliant - not often do I read a book and can't wait until I get to the next page. My only criticism would be that Phil tended to overdo the sex scenes, but what would you expect from an ex-hippie? This book is highly recommended and has joined my top ten favourite books. It is also available on Amazon, but for me a book like this should be on your bookshelf - good books deserve to be kept in print, not on a bloody Kindle! Stuart Gilham
Tuesday 26th March 2013  
A really entertaining read. If your looking for something a little different then this is the book for you. Written by a writer rather than an angler, it is an easy and eloquent read. It really builds to a good ending.
Monday 25th March 2013  
This is a beautiful and mystical book, i was taken to places i did not expect, i laughed and i openly wept!,never has any book had such an emotional effect on me.
Thursday 21st March 2013  
Truly amazing read....a real page turner!