The Messenger
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The Messenger 

Stan Peacock is concerned about the future of Felcham Mere. Not only because Peter is adamant about reinstating the sailing club, but also because the carp seem to have stalled in their growth.  

Smiffy has a few things on his mind: His cousin, Tony, seems a bit weird and has an odd way of looking at the world, which Smiffy and Posh are struggling to get to grips with. But Smiffy’s new posting with the National Trust reveals a lake with possible hidden treasures and he wonders if the two might be linked.

Old Ted feels the sands of time running low, and looks for somewhere to spend his last few summers, but his old head may yet be required to repel boarders.

Anders Sett has seen some astounding sights on his travels with the army, but nothing has prepared him for those he sees in a quiet Sussex estate lake, and he needs to fulfil a lifetime’s dream before his own sands run out.

And Josh and Mark are convinced they’ve produced the ultimate bait, but at what cost to both carp and carp angling?

The Myth gave us joy, The Keeper gave us despair, could The Messenger be bringing us devastation? Once again, Keith Jenkins wields his ‘pen’ like a baton and takes us on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and possibilities.

We all look, but not everybody ‘sees’; time for The Messenger to lift the veil...

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Author Keith Jenkins Cover Hard back
Publisher Freebird Publishing Pages 272
P+P UK - £3.00 Europe - £13.45 RoW - £22.60
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