The Horton Chronicles 'The Banned Edition'
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We said we wouldn’t be doing a re-print yet, but then we started getting more and more enquiries and realised that there were a lot of people trying to get hold of the original copy, and the only way they could get one was to pay an exorbitant amount on eBay. That didn’t seem fair.

So, we’ve decided to do a re-print, but not just a straight second re-print.  In the original book I mentioned in the Introduction that neither me, Dave or Chilly were in the book as we’d written about our exploits in various publications over the years. But then people started to ask why we weren’t in there, and also why Reg wasn’t in there. We gave this a bit of thought and concluded that this was a book about the history of Horton, and that we were a large part of that history, so we really should be in the book. To that end we have now included chapters from me, Dave, Chilly and Reg, as well as a chapter showing the full list of captures of a dozen selected fish.

So, “why is it called ‘The Banned Edition’?”  Well, Chilly, Reg and I moved on to Wraysbury in 1997 and one weekend we arranged to meet Dave there, for Reg’s birthday I seem to recall. Anyway, boats were not allowed at the time, but that rule seemed to have passed us by. The short story is, we got caught and got banned. There’s even a swim named after us, where the ‘captures’ took place – The Banned.  So, the four of us, ‘The Banned’, adding our stories to the new Horton book.  Seemed logical to us!

We have only printed 1000 copies of the ‘Banned’  so if you didn’t get a copy previously we suggest you order your copy now as we are very limited on what we have left. The five extra chapter’s in the book amount to about 100 extra pages, and all for the newly reduced price of just £25. And with 480 pages of some wonderful memories it’s well worth the cost.

Give us a call, send an e-mail or order your copy off the website and we’ll send your copy out to you.


Author Freebird Publishing Cover Hard Back
Publisher Freebird Publishing ISBN 978-0-9562497-6-0
Pages 480
P+P UK - £0.00 Europe - £0.00 RoW - £0.00
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