Romancing the Carp

By the spring of 2012 the demise of probably the greatest fleet of Leney Galician carp in the country was complete. 

The arrogant, interfering hands of undercover fish stocking finally put pay to all but one or two of the surviving, legendary carp at Little Frensham Pond. The tragedy and the loss to the small band of anglers who had clung desperately to the dreams attached to encountering these creatures are impossible to translate. For one man who has pioneered carp fishing at Frensham since the late 1960s the loss, despite its eventual inevitability, is pretty much unbearable. 

For 44 years Dave Jones has sat on the secrets of his adventures at Frensham and other magical but unheralded waters in his locality. This book has been 22 of those years in the making; awaiting an appropriate time to release. 

Those of you who probe the secret underworld of carp fishing’s best kept secrets may well have heard of Dave, but most of you will not. At the times when Dave, his brother Rick and one or two close friends were near the forefront of angling achievement, they moved beneath a cloak of secrecy that enabled them to fish wondrous waters in the intimacy and seclusion that others craved, but few were able to find.

That particular quest is one with which Dave perseveres, albeit with an increasing level of difficulty, so you are unlikely to find him recounting many current tales, or see him popping up in the angling news any time soon.

His story is a personal one that recalls the magic and intrigue of becoming a carp angler in an era when the species were still a complete mystery. Dave chronicles his passage from the humblest of humble beginnings, through an atmospheric trail that leads simultaneously to both his greatest triumph and his greatest personal loss.

Throughout his story, Dave describes the individual challenges and battles of each capture with such intimate and exciting detail that it puts the reader right alongside him at the water’s edge, as each milestone carp makes its bid for freedom and avoidance of the net.

‘Romancing the Carp’ is a must read for anyone who knows, or for that matter doubts, that fishing for carp in the quietude of the English countryside is a way of life that can connect man, not merely with nature, but with his spirit and ultimately, with his God.

We will be producing a limited number of Leather Bound Editions and these will be offered on a first come first served basis only. There will also only be a total of 750 hard back copies printed and these will also be numbered.

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Author Dave Jones Cover Hard Back
Publisher Freebird Publishing ISBN 978-0-9572312-3-8
Pages 304
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Tuesday 10th November 2015  
This book is pretty much my life up to a few years back. Thanks to those who have made kind comments. I'm thinking I might write another. Either: 'The Other Side of Forty' or 'The Solitary Carp Fisher'. If it takes as long as the last one it should be out in 2035. Dave Jones November 2015
Thursday 6th November 2014  
I've fished with the guy in my younger days and with his brother rick. Reading the book brings back some good memories. even though they are a good few years older than me, They taught me a good few things about angling.
Wednesday 8th January 2014  
I read nearly all the carp books and have written 3 myself. I could not put this book down and found it frustrating when I had to go to work. Dave captures a different aspect of the sport much in the way Chris Yates does but with some barmy antics to entertain as well. A super bit of work and a modern day classic. If you could pass this on or thank Dave for me I would be very grateful. Awesome! Jason Rider
Thursday 17th October 2013 Review here...
Monday 7th October 2013  
great read couldn't put book down, felt like I was fishing or wished I was fishing with Dave at certain times Chris