Moon River
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This may be Pete's final book, but it is far from the final chapter in his angling career, and there is no doubt that he is far from hanging up his rods.
Having been bitten by the 'river bug', Pete now takes a major step in tackling a wild Sussex river by buying a boat, in partnership with his mate, Kev. This, however, is just the start of another adventure and it soon becomes apparent that using a boat on the river causes as many problems as it solves. But, through that adversity, the capture of huge barbel and carp make the effort all worth while.
This new passion, however, does not divert Pete's attention from the stillwaters, and not only does he catch carp larger than anything he's caught for a couple of decades, but specimen tench, perch and zander also grace his net. And then there's the challenge that he set himself a few years back, to catch a carp off the surface in every month of the year - a quest that is equally as consuming as is fishing the river.
Throughout it all, though, the threads that hold the whole thing together are his love of nature, music and his lovely daughter, Kat, and those threads are stronger than ever.
As an added bonus, the book comes with a 2 hour DVD, taken from Pete's video tapes from the early nineties. Never before seen footage of historic captures from Wraysbury, Horton and Sonning are supplemented by atmospheric scenes from the Kennet, the Thames and Redmire. A rare jewel, this.
Author Pete Springate Cover Hardback
Publisher Freebird Publishing ISBN 987-0-9933746-0-9
Pages 264
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