Cassien... and Beyond

Now here’s a book that many people have been waiting to be written for some time!

Not only is it an eye-opening and humorous account of the angling exploits of one of England’s best known anglers, but also an in depth look at one of the worlds best known carp lakes – Lake Cassien.
Steve Briggs’ love affair with this great lake spans almost a quarter of a century, so who better than he to divulge the mysteries and secrets that this historic lake holds?

But this book is not just about Cassien, it is a virtual travel guide to some of the worlds best known carp lakes, and Steve’s successes and failures whilst fishing them.

From the wild, untapped wildernesses of Lake Raduta, Rainbow Lake and the South African lakes, to the pressured intensity of the Colne Valley, this is the tale of someone who not only loves carp fishing, but also loves going carp fishing – a winning combination.

Get you copy now at an extremely reduced price of JUST £15 and then look out for Steve's new book coming out in March'13
Author Steve briggs Cover Hardback
Publisher Freebird Publishing ISBN ISBN 978-0-9562497-1-5
Pages 365
P+P UK - £0.00 Europe - £0.00 RoW - £0.00
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Tuesday 19th February 2013