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Steve Briggs is, rightly so, one of the most respected anglers not only in England but worldwide. This respect has been hard earned but when you read this book you’ll see how well deserved it is.

The book details Steve’s angling from 2005 to 2012, both home and abroad, and shows what a fine angler he is. Like most people who are very good at something, Steve makes it all sound so simple – no fancy rigs, no complex bait recipes, just things he is confident in and knows will not let him down. It’s then just a matter of finding the fish, but what fish!

Steve is only the third person to catch 100 carp in excess of 50lb, not only that but he is the only angler in the world to have caught them from seven different countries. In these pages there are an astonishing 58 photos of carp over 50lb, and Steve is pictured with most of them! Obviously, a lot of these have come from abroad but Steve’s most treasured capture is that of The Black Mirror from the Mere, which was voted Carp Capture of the Year by Carp Talk readers in 2010, and that chapter alone highlights what makes Steve the angler he is - we could quite easily have called the book ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’ based just on that chapter!

This is not a technical book, but just by reading it the reader will learn so much about what it takes to be a constantly successful angler, not only on some of the most difficult lakes in the world, but also when targeting large carp from small, local lakes – oh, and don’t forget the winning of a second World Carp Cup in America.

With the addition of the absolutely wonderful photography, this book is a delight and cannot fail to appeal to any carp angler, home or abroad.

There are only 1500 copies being printed, so along with most of our books we don't think this one will be around too long either.

A Leather Bound Edition has become available and there were only 50 produced in total. If you are interested then please call.
Author Steve Briggs Cover Hardback
Publisher Freebird Publishing ISBN 978-0-9572312-1-4
Pages 416
P+P UK - £0.00 Europe - £0.00 RoW - £0.00
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Tuesday 5th March 2013  
Steve's 2nd book is actually better than his first and that was a really good read! If you know Steve you'll also know that he's a really nice fella and that comes across in the book. A real must for the carp angler who likes to get out and go for it, in the UK or across Europe!