A Fool and His Eel
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At times it was like reading the best of Chris Yates’ words, but in a world I could cope with and appreciate. Sure, it does border on ‘Boys Own’ at times but had I not been swept away by carp fishing this is the book that I, too, would have wanted to write.  A wonderful book, beautifully written and illustrated, and one that I would rank with the best of Yates, and alongside Redmire Pool too, it’s that good - JULIAN CUNDIFF

As an angling book it is unique, and I suspect will always remain so. I cannot praise it highly enough and as a reader, writer and photographer I find it inspirational. Mark’s stunning wildlife and scenic photography, and David Miller’s drawings, make the book a joy to look at, even before you start delving into the written material which brings further joy as you are carried along by Mark’s flowing narrative - TIM PAISLEY

'A Fool and His Eel’ by Mark Walsingham charts a life spent in awe of nature, and all it has to offer, but mainly spent in pursuit of fish – all manner of fish.

He is probably best known for his ‘Ashmead Diaries’ series in Carpworld, but this is far from just an extension of that. With his extensive work as a marine biologist, and his subsequent position as senior conservation manager with the National Trust, he has a wealth of stories to tell, and his love of fly fishing and old cane rods means that it’s not just carp that sink his float, there are roach, perch, barbel, tench, salmon, trout… the list is endless. From wild carp in secluded, Southern pools, to wild trout in remote Scottish lochs. From cold, lonely nights spent fly fishing for elusive sea-trout, to balmy summer days, trying to entice mysterious, monstrous carp into taking a carefully placed floater.

Mark’s use of the English language is as luscious and delicious as that of his long time friend, Chris Yates, and it takes very few words before you are magically transported to that lake, that stream, that very enticing pool, and his photography adds the final, definitive sensory delight to make you feel as if you are there, right next to him.

With some exclusive artwork by his good friend, wildlife artist David Miller, this book will be so much more than just another fishing book – it will be a literary and visual delight. We think this is going to be the most evocative, atmospheric and beautifully worded book since ‘Casting at the Sun’ so make sure you book your copy early.

Author Mark Walsingham Cover Hardback
Publisher Freebird Publishing ISBN 978-0-9562497-8-4
Pages 416
P+P UK - £0.00 Europe - £0.00 RoW - £0.00
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Friday 5th September 2014  
This is a book in the tradition of great Angling writers such as Chris Yates who infact writes the forward in Marks book.The beautiful descripitive writing that puts you right there alongside the writer on the bank. 416 pages packed full of Angling adventures and the challenge of capturing large fish of all species. The book details the capture of speciman Carp and big Barbel from various lakes and rivers such as Redmire,Ashmead and the Hampshire Avon. Contained with the pages are spellbinding photos and beautiful illustrations by David Miller. Mark is a lover of tradition and a true conservationist and the owner of some beautiful split cane rods. For me the book captures the true spirit of Carp fishing,books such as this only come along once in a decade. I believe the book is a limited edition so may not be available much longer. Pedro
Tuesday 19th March 2013  
For anyone who likes the more traditional side of angling this book is a must have. The intriguing angling adventures and experiences in the life to date of one 'Skeff' who was fortunate enough to gain membership of the the Golden Scale Club at the age of 16, and whose members then played a significant part in influencing his career choice, which directed him down a path leading some wonderful angling experiences and eventually writing this angling masterpiece - which is what it deservedly is. And also there is Ashmead, the story of the land and fishery he eventually purchased and developed - a beautiful fishery in Somerset. Over 400 pages of fascinating reading that are highly complimented by many superb photos capturing significant angling moments in time, in some stunning locations, as well as some beautiful artwork. Definitely the best angling book I have read in a very long time and destined to be up in many anglers top ten books.