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What is that in the sky

Tuesday 4th June 2013

It's the bloody sun, that's what! Hoorah, and all that, the summer has tentatively arrived, although that nor' easter is still keeping a bit of a nip in the air. Still, it's warm enough for me to get the trike out at long last, and also warm enough to guarantee a great day at the Horse and Barge on Saturday.

Last weekend's rockaria was a mixed bag. Knopfler was great, as I thought he would be, with a band of incredibly talented musicians around him, just adding to his talent. Rush, however, were not exactly to my liking. I've never been a great fan, but I know a few of their songs, and enjoyed them enough a couple of years ago. This time, however, they played a lot of stuff I didn't know, plus the sound was pretty poor, and Geddy's voice got the worst of it. I'm probably not the person to comment on it, in the long run, because people who like Rush thought it was brilliant. Hey ho, can't win 'em all.

Putting the final touches to Dave Jones' Romancing the Carp and I think it's a really lovely book. Not like your average 'went there, baited up, caught six forties, went home' type carp book. Much more of an atmospheric writer, is Dave, but he and his brother ceratinly did pave the way for a lot of people in the South of England. And they certainly caught some incredibly beautiful carp.

Had to smile the other day. My mate Pete phoned to see if I wanted to go to see Motorhead and Saxon in November. The answer was obviously 'Yes', but at the same time that he was queueing for tickets on his computer, I was queueing for Leonard Cohen tickets. Nothing if not eclectic, my musical taste. Sadly, Leonard's tickets were sold out, happily Motorhead's weren't.