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Spring back

Friday 24th May 2013
Oh, it was so nearly Spring wasn't it? We went to Morocco for a week and when we returned the trees had blossomed, and the bluebells were out. Now we seem to have moved straight to Autumn, with cold, wet winds and temps struggling to get above double figures. England, eh?
Been a good week. Savay Chronicles arrived and look brilliant, just got to insert 2000 maps into 2000 books...hmmm!
Been working on Dave Jones' Romancing the Carp. beautifully written, loads of classic old Leney's in there, and a lovely cover by his wife, Barbs.
Despite the weather, this weekend is gonna be fine - off to Brighton tomorrow to see Mark Knopfler, then up to Birmingham on Sunday to see Rush - rock n roll suicide!
No need to discuss football, it's all been said and done. Maybe next year...
Oh, got the new Beth Hart/Bonamassa album - fantastic. Seeing them at Hampton Court Palace next month - can't wait. Review will appear soon.
Next time, hopefully I need sunglasses to see the screen, not holding out too much hope.