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Chilled out

Tuesday 14th May 2013

We returned from a great week's holiday in Morocco on Friday, and now it's back to the grindstone. Had some production copies of the Savay Chronicles delvered yesterday and they look great, especially the cover of the Special hard back.

Popped down to resume services with Sir Pete yesterday, and that is coming along nicely - we're up to 1994 and it amazes me the resilience of the man - months without a bite, then loses a whacker. Ho hum, off we go agan, and then a few months later he has another bite and lands a mid-thirty.

I forgot how difficult it was back then - for the whole season there were five fish caught, and we're talking about anglers of the calibre of Steve Allcott, Sir Pete, Martin Locke, Dave Moore and a few others. Gruelling!

Off to see Dave Jones at the weekend to pick up some of his photos for Romancing the Carp - I'll probably post a few on the Facebook page for your delectation in the coming weeks.

Next biggie, though, is the launch of the Savay book at the Horse and Barge. As I write this the clock is counting down to 24 days - soon be upon us. Scary.