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Thursday 2nd May 2013
Ooh, my first blog, how 21st Century. What to say, I wonder?
Well, the Savay Chronicles are well on their way. The maps arrived yesterday so, once the books arrive at the end of the month, Lin and I will have the onerous task of sticking the maps in. But we love you, and we know you’re worth it.
Now, suddenly, I am juggling three books. Just started sitting down with Sir Pete to get the second book on the go; proofed Dave Jones’ Romancing the Carp, which is due out in September, and will be sitting down with him in a couple of weeks to sort out photos; and have also just started proofing Harry Haskell’s wonderfully named Reeling in the Years, which is due out at Christmas.

But, before all that, I’m off to Morocco for a week to recharge the battery pack. See ya.